July 29, 2011

What's in the bag?

Bag: Esbeda.

Photography: Me.
Curious? Want to know what's in my bag?
Well, It might feel like a I'm carrying a lot, but actually it's nothing. I've seen people carry a load of things in their bags and always wonder if their shoulders hurt.

Photography: Me.

So does that seem a lot? I don't think so.
Things that put weight to my shoulder:-
  1. Big red umbrella. (It's rainy season as of now. It switches to a sunscreen in summer.)
  2. Charles and Keith wallet.
  3. Elizebeth Arden Green Tea scent.
  4. Altoids small mint.
  5. A notebook.
  6. Uni ball pen.
  7. College ID card.
  8. Hair band.
  9. Hair clip.
  10. My sony cybershot camera. (It's not included in the picture because I clicked with it.)
  11. Extra camera battery.
  12. Detol hand snitizer.
  13. Body shop lip butter.
  14. Body shop solid perfume.
  15. Apple iPod. (Cannot live without music)
  16. Comb.
  17. Revlon compact power.
  18. Body shop lip colour.
  19. Chambor waterproof eyeliner.
  20. House and cupboard keys.
  21. My BlackBerry Torch. (Prized possission.)

Only 21 items on list. I carry a waller because I don't like my money all over my bag. It is hard to find them then. Every girl must carry a scent and a compact power with her. It is a must have. Don't you want to smell pretty at all times? You know how hot it gets. My notebook and pen, I only carry them when I'm going to college. Hair band and clip is always needed. I mostly travel by train and cab and my hair is always flying in the wind. I need to tie my hair up or else I just end up looking like a wreck. My sony camera, I never leave my house without it. I love photography, I click almost anything and everything. Apple iPod is another must have for me. I listen to music when im traveing. Can't live without music. I wear eyeliner everyday or else I look like I havn't slept for days. Eyeliner is a must. And last but not the least, my BlackBerry Torch. My most prized possession! Yes, I'm one of those always-bbming-addict. You won't see me without it for even a second.

There you go! Now you know what's in my bag.
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