April 26, 2012

Hey everyone!!

I've just joined Pinterest!
You can now add me there. :)

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April 14, 2012

Online Shopping Websites!!

Online Shopping is something everyone's doing now. Its easy, fast and convenient.

While ordering from another country, the custom charges may be an issue. So keep in mind the weight and the price. Ordering them in different batches would be better. And they might call you to confirm your order, so keep your phone reachable.
Here are some sites which might interest you. These sites ship to India and international.


The last two are pretty pricy.

If you know anyother online stores that ship to India, let me know.

April 13, 2012

Morphed Trailer

A hidden reality. A blurred vision. Four friends living their usual life, see it turn in front of them.
See, their addiction turn deadly while they have no idea as to what they are undergoing. A thriller with a pinch of madness and horror.
Designed to be a College Brand Management project, is now a full fledged Short Film.

A Film By Siddharth Aalambayan

Produced by StarShine Productions
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