August 13, 2011

Temperature Control

Doesn't hot shower always make you feel so clean and fresh? Once I get into the shower, I just don't feel like coming out. Hot showers can be so relaxing on a long day. But be careful. Really hot showers can lead to dandruff. The heat can actually suck all the moisture out of you scalp. This will cause flaking in the long run. It can be a pain to get rid of later. The heat from the shower opes the pores of your scalp. So while shampooing, it is best to keep the water warm and while conditioning turn the water little cooler. The cool water closes the pores. This also makes you feel fresh.

August 8, 2011

Lights.. camera.. action!

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry for not being active last week. Been caught up with college assignments and things. This month is really packed with college work. My mind has been working day and night. Will try and be active now on.

Other than fashion, I've always had an interest for film making. I love editing, directing and cinematography. I also did a course in editing this summer. I recently had my Cinema project, where we had to make a one minute video montage. We formed a group of three and shot the video. The video is very simple and short. Take a look.

There are other videos I've made too. One is a shot film in Hindi and the other is a Music video.

For all those who can understand Hindi, how do you like it? Good? A little funny? No.. Yes.. Maybe?


Sorry for the bad quality. Files had to be converted as they were large. I have made other videos also, you can take a look at My YouTube Channel. Do comment, let me know what you think.

August 1, 2011

The wind sings SALE!!!

The feeling of getting off you car, running through the check point, entering the mall doors and diving into the sea of crazy shoppers at the season sale. The confusion of deciding which dress is better, which bag goes. The anger and sadness when you don't find your size. The joy when you find the perfect fitting jeans. Oh, what a feeling! Don't you love season sale?

I went to the mall today, it was pretty crowded and I thought maybe I wouldn't find anything for myself. I first checked Zara as there was a sale going on. I am a very choosy shopper and it is very hard for me to choose something I like. I picked up about ten pairs of clothes, didn't have to wait long in the queue for the dressing room. I liked the design and cut on most of them, but didn't like the fit on me. But I managed to check out with two out of ten.

I then went to Lush. They have one of the best bath products. As soon as you enter the shop, you'll can smell the sweet scented bath bars and aroma oils. They have pretty wacky names for their products like 'Deamon in the Dark', 'The Godmother soap', 'You snap the whip', etc.
I bought a bubble gum lip scrub. It's really good. It made of sugar and it tastes really good.

I wandered about for a while and then I stepped foot into my favourite accessories shop, Accessorize. Went through bracelets, necklaces, rings, bags, rings and then I spotted charms. I've been wanting to buy a charm bracelet for a very long time. I bought a plain chain and a separate charm, so that I can keep adding different charms as I like.

And that was the end of my shot shopping trip. It was a trip well spent.
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