June 24, 2013

Weather Report

Hello everyone!! How are you doing?

The past one month has been pretty good actually. Well, it started off with me being a little sick but it got better. Thats why I haven't been posting. Been meeting my friends, going out for lunches and some shopping. The month was filled with ironic moments and emotions.

 If you follow me on Instagram then you must know that I got a cute lil haircut. Jean Claude Biguine hairstylists are just really very good. They always give me the right kind of haircut which will suit my face. I didn't go too short because I've always had short hair and I really want to grow it now. My hairstyle was inspired by Lauren Conrad.

Visited the Comedy Store to watch Daniel Fernandes, Aditi Mittal and Tanmay Bhatt do some comedy! It was one of the best comedy shows I've been to. Hilarious! Also, I met the author of Shantaram! My friends and I went to the Nehru Center Art Gallery to meet Gregory David Roberts.

He was accompanied by Rahul Boss. Gregory was really inspiring. I had to get his autograph. His signature is very interesting and weird, right? Haha! That was followed by a wonderful laughter packed comedy show by Rohan Joshi. Brilliant stuff! Laughed out loud hearing Townie and Religious jokes. Like, how many crack jokes on Religion, eh?

Those are some interesting things this past month. The weather has been cloudy with a lil sunshine
Tell me what you did. :)

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