June 5, 2013

Monsoon Do's and Don'ts

Monsoon’s here!!! =D
Mumbai is known for its' rainy season! Some love it, others hate it. But it is one season you must experience in Mumbai. In order to experience it in the right way, you’ll have to follow some Do’s and Don’ts.
If you live in Mumbai, you know that the roads will be filled with potholes and puddles and who knows what’s in that water. And even when you dodge all those puddles, you always end up getting your feet wet, don’t you?

Here’s a list of essentials for this season:
  1. Anti-fungal talc powder
  2. Moisturizer (preferably peppermint)
  3. Sunscreen
  4. Lemon juice and salt
  5. Olive oil (or baby oil)
  6. An old toothbrush
  7. A small pedicure kit
  8. Towel (separately for your feet)
What you need to do:
After you get out of the shower, pat your foot dry and apply sunscreen if you are going out (20 min before you step out). Apply anti-fungal talc and wear rain sandals, which has a good, grip in water and are waterproof. 
When you get back home, wash your feet with water. Clean your toes with that old toothbrush or a toe cleaner. Rub on some moisturizer and remember to rub them between the toes too.

This regime will keep your feet clean and hydrated.

What you can do every week:
Prepare a small tub with hot water like in the salon. Add some lemon juice, a teaspoon of salt, a drop of olive oil or baby oil, a teaspoon of Dettol and little hand wash or body wash. Soak your feet in for about 10 minuets. Wash with cold water and pat them dry. Cut your nails and use a foot file to remove dead cells. Lastly, apply some moisturizer.

If you want don’t want to do this than get a pedicure from a salon, which uses sterilized tools.
I do this every week and my foot feels great!

Monsoon Don’ts:

  • The most worn footwear in the rainy season! You get them all around the city, mostly in local or street shops. They come in different colors, designs, patterns and are really cheap but do not buy them! These shoes cause flat foot (Plantar Fasciitis) if you wear them regularly, due to the flat sole. They also accumulate dirt, which is not good for your feet.
  • They don’t have any friction on the sole. You can slip while walking.
  • These shoes must not be worn to formal events/meetings. Please don’t do that, it’s a huge turn off!

  • CROCS. The other choice.
  • You might think they have a good grip but they don’t. They have a soft sole, which makes them very slippery. When buying a shoe, see that it has a tough, non-smooth sole. This will give you a better grip.

Also, don’t keep dirty shoes on a shoe rack. This will lead to bacteria growth. Wash them and keep them out in the sun and then bring them into the house.

Follow these steps and have happy feet!

Now, who wants to dance in the rain?

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