September 21, 2013

Origins Eye Doctor

If you are going to use makeup, you also have to take care of your skin. After using eyeshadow and eyeliner our skin around the eye area might get clogged and dry out. So we must keep them clean and hydrated. The Origins Eye Doctor does exactly that.

The area around the eye or the skin around the eye is very delicate. Age shows on the face, when wrinkles and fine lines start to appear. We can't stop them from happening but we can slow down the process. Applying a hydrating cream will hydrate and keep the skin smooth and hydrated. Origins has one of the best eye creams. This one doesn't smell all that good but it does the work. 4'5

September 19, 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

OMG! These brushes are the best! Got these from London. We don't get them here in India. You could find an online store which ships to India though. Real Techniques Brushes are made by a YouTube Beauty Guru, Samantha Chapman AKA Pixiwoo.

This is the Core Collection set by Real Techniques Brushes. It comes in a foldable case with four face brushes. The case says what each brush does, so I don't really have to explain anything. The brushes are light weight with a steel handle and a rubber end. The bristles are super soft and dense. My favorite is the buffing brush. It is amazing on the face and blends the foundation really well. These brushes are synthetic haired so they would pick up more product than a natural haired brush would. I feel like these are way better than Mac brushes even. None of hair on the bristles have come out. My Mac powder brush is having hair fall like a dog! So disappointed!

If you live in the US or UK, good for you because you can find this in any drugstore like Ulta or Boots. They are cheep and very good quality brushes. Real Techniques also makes a variety of brushes. Go get yours now! 5/5.

September 17, 2013

Guerlain Terracotta Bronzer

Bonjour! Lately, I have been into the whole contouring my face thing. Looked at a lot of bronzers so far and as my skintone is on the dark side, it is really hard to find a dark enough bronzing powder to contour with. Most of the bronzers are very light on my skin or as same as my skintone. I'm a Mac NC45 if you were wondering. But I found this gorgeous bronzing powder by Guerlain while browsing. I have heard of Guerlain many times but we don't have a proper store/counter over here in Mumbai. The ones here only have a limited collection. Anyhow, I got the shade 08 Ebony, which is the darkest they had.
The product has a beautiful packaging as you can see. It comes in a compact with a mirror inside. The powder has a pressed logo in the center. The bronzer is a deep brown with small golden shimmer. It has a sandalwood scent which is not over powering, thank God! Phew! I don't like sandalwood. Anyway, the powder is very pigmented. Little goes a long way. It does not come with a brush though. But what strikes me about this product is the way the logo glazes through. J'adore! =D
Without flash.
With flash.
French makeup is always so très magnifique! And for being a high-end product it has to be expensive, right? I can't say it's worth it, it all depends on your need and willingness to pay but I can say Guerlain makeup is fit for Royalty. 5/5.

September 15, 2013

Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Mascara

If you saw my recent London, Boots Haul video on my YouTube Channel, then you must know I got the Maybelline Falsies Volume Express Mascara. We do get these in India, but it's different. The Indian one has a stiff plastic bristle and it doesn't flex. But I like this one which I got from London.

I got the old and the new one in the shade black. The formula is the same. Just that they have changed the bristle in the new one.

Left to Right: Old, New.
Left to Right: Old, New.
The old brush has a curve and the bristles get longer on the sides of the curve. In the new brush the bristles get longer on the inside and outside of the curve, get it? I think the pictures explain better. I like the new one better than the old one because the longer bristles on the curve can really get in the corner and the end well.

The mascara does exactly what it's supposed to. It gives a lot of volume and makes your lashes look longer and thicker. It also lasts a pretty good amount. It's easy to remove later. They also come in a waterproof formula. It is not at all expensive and its easily available. 5/5.

September 6, 2013

Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Paint pots! No, not one of those artistic drawing paints. These paint pots are eyeshadow bases. They act as a primer as well as a eyeshadow. You can apply it on its own or you can go over it with eyeshadow. Mac came up with a bunch of fun shades. They also come in limited edition collections every now and then.

'Dangerous Cuvee' is a part of a collection and its limited edition. So hurry and get the limited edition ones asap before they get over and hopefully this shade will come out again in another collection.

Paint pots in general, come in this glass pot. These pots are a little bigger than the Fluidline eyeliner pots. The paints are creamy in texture and well pigmented. Some of them with shimmer and some matte. The shade that I got had a little shimmer to it. Its a light lavender color with some silver glitter particles. I felt that they could have made the glitter particles smaller and mixed into the color more. Then again it's a very pretty shade. These last all day and not crease. I use this as a base and then go over it with eyeshadow. The shimmer peeks through the shadow and gives vibrance.
Without flash.
With flash.
As always, it is expensive. You could try other brands for similar shades if Mac isn't in your budget. Maybelline has something called Color Tattoo which are exactly like paint pots and they are much cheaper. 3/5.

Let me know what you think about them and how you use it on your eyes. :)

September 3, 2013

Mac Fluidline

I'm a little late on the 'Gel Eyeliner' train but, i'm on it! Mac Fluidline is supposed to be one of the best gel liners out there. They come in many colors, I got the basic black one to start with.

'Blacktrack' comes in a little glass pot. It is not at all heavy, pretty light weight for a glass pot. As all gel liners, it is thick, creamy, smudge proof and very very black. If you are someone with oily eyelids than this ones totally right for you. For me, I like a eyeliner which stays for a long time. This one was perfect. It stayed on throughout the day and it didn't smudge one bit! The texture is like melted butter. It glides on the skin really smoothy and it is not greasy or heavy.

The color is very black as you can see below. It has a matte effect. One swipe is pigmented enough, you don't have to go over it to make it darker. But if you want you can go over it with a black eyeshadow to make it darker and soften the edges.
Without flash.
With flash.

It doesn't come off easily. So you will need a makeup remover to get it off. One important thing is that you must close the product as soon as you finish using it or else it will dry. The Mac makeup artist also told me that you should keep the product upside down so that it doesn't dry out quickly. I didn't know that before. The only downfall is that it doesn't come with a brush. You will have to buy that separately.

It definitely is pricey for the amount you get but if you think about its merits - thick, smudge proof, matte black, easy to use, its a small price you have to pay. 4/5.

Take a look at my last post on how I do my Winged Eyeliner.

PS - You can use this on your waterline too! :D

August 27, 2013

Rimmel Stay Matte powder

I've been hearing about this pressed powder for a while now and I just had to try it out. So I ordered it from this site called Slassy, as I couldn't find this shade in the Rimmel London counter. Shade 10 - Warm Honey is the darkest shade they have. But as you can see it's pretty light for my skintone. 
Left to Right: Mac Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark, Rimmel Stay Matte in Warm Honey, Mac Studio Fix in NC45.
Compared to my Mac's, this shade is warm toned. The powder blends very well and it does leave your skin very matte. It has a slight cosmetic smell. If you don't like scented powders then you might not like this one. It gives a sheer - medium coverage.

The packaging of this product is very flimsy. The lid keeps coming off and it's breakable. It doesn't come with a mirror or an applicator. 
With flash.

Without flash.
It's a good drugstore product. Good for its price. Only downfall is that it has only few shades. If you are on the darker side like me, you wont get your shade. 2.5/5.

August 9, 2013

Bioderma Sensibio H2O

I finally got my hands on this baby! This product can only be found in France and maybe in the UK. While searching, I found out that this online site sells this product in India. And they also have a shop in Thane. Before I buy a product, I always like to see it and then buy, so I went to the store instead of ordering it online.

Bioderma Sensibio H2O is a water base make-up remover/cleanser. This one that I got is for sensitive skin. You also get one for combination and oily skin which comes in a bottle with a green cap. You can use this water on your face and even on your eyes. It is a very mild cleanser. It has a very mild fragrance. You don't really smell it, unless you really sniff on the cotton. Haha! This product is amazing. It takes away all the make up on your face. If you have any waterproof make up then it might take you a little while but it does take off all make up. The water gets absorbed into the skin pretty quickly and it does not leave your skin dry.

You get this product in three different sizes. You get a smaller, travel sized one and a 500ml bottle. I got the medium sized bottle because the shop didn't have the bigger one. I think it's a good size as I can just carry it in my travel bag. This one also doesn't break me out my skin. The only down fall is the price. It is a little pricey for the amount you get. But the product is totally wort it. I see why this has been a hyped product for such a long time. I'll give it a 4/5.

July 27, 2013

Only girl...

Crop Top: Forever 21
Denim Shorts: Forever 21
Flats : Aldo
Accessories: Forever 21 and Accessorize
Watch: Giordano

I was back from my vacation a while ago but I am posting this outfit now because I didn't get much time. So yeah, for my second day, I picked out this high waist denim with some detailing on the back pockets. I always liked those tie-up shirts so I found this checkered crop top with a white collar. I think it goes really well with the white detailing on the shorts. I feel like one of those country, cowgirls just without the rinding boots and a hat! Haha!

I wanted to be free and in minimum clothing on my vacation. If I were in the city then maybe I would have paired this with a denim T-shirt jacket. On my feet, I got my everyday Aldo flats. They are really comfortable and easy to walk in. The accessories and kept minimal too. As my neck was a little low so I added my favorite 'Love' necklace. Thats the only addition for my accessories from day one.

Check my YouTube video for a better look! :)

July 22, 2013

The Eagle is Flying

Dress: Forever21
Lace Camisole: Forever21
Denim Vest: Forever21
Flats: Aldo
Accessories: Forever21 & Accessorize
Watch: Giordano

I went away this weekend to a lovely resort. It was so beautiful. Everyone needs a nice getaway once in a while.

I decided to wear this long grey maxi dress with a lace cami inside because its a bit low. I love the whole punk/rock kinda look, so I paired it with a Denim vest. It has these little metal studs on the collar. I didn't want to go too overboard with the accessories, kept it minimal. I am on vacation anyways, need to feel light! The Giordano watch is my everyday watch, you'll probably see that on me all the time. My wrist feels naked without it. Haha! And these Aldo flats are my usual. I wear them at all times, everywhere.

People always tell me I am always in black or in shades of grey. I think that is very true. I'm not a very colorful person. I don't wear a lot of color. So you probably will not see those color blocked clothes on me. Haha! Sorry. :p

So what do you think of my outfit, eh? Like it? Tell me what you think in the comment section below. :)

Also check my YouTube video of this outfit if you want to get a better picture.

July 13, 2013

MUA BB Cream

This is my first time trying a Makeup Academy Professional (MUA) product. I got this from an online site as you can't MUA products in stores in India as yet. I have been a huge fan of BB creams lately. They work just perfect. This one does all that a BB cream is supposed to do. It is very light on the skin and it gives a great base for your makeup when you don't want to go too heavy. I use a BB cream on days when I hardly wear make up.

I have tried the Maybelline and Garnier BB creams but they were not in the right shade that my skintone needs. They were a lot lighter than my skintone. So I ordered this BB cream in the shade dark. I couldn't try it out because as I said I bought it online. I do find the shade a tad bit light and warm toned but it works quite well. It has a lovely scent to it, very mild. It is gives your skin a nice matte finish. You do have to set it with a powder. For me, it works better than the Maybelline and Garnier BB creams.
Without flash.

With flash.
As you see it's almost close to my skintone. I think I should have got one shade darker. But anyways, I give this a 5/5. The packaging is quite good. It's a small tube with a screw on top. It fits easily in my makeup bag.

What other brand of BB creams have you tried? Let me know in the comment section below . :P

July 11, 2013

Chanel Scenario

 Chanel lipsticks, do I need to say more? I think every girl must own at least one Chanel lipstick. And I feel like it is a collectors item. Chanels' red lipstick is a well known fashion girls must have but I went for a brown lipstick. A lot of people think a brown lipstick might make them look old but I feel like it doesn't.

The Rouge Coco Shine collection is not too pigmented and they add a natural looking sheen to your lips. They have quite a few shades and they are very hydrating. I picked this brown lipstick with a red undertone. It's the shade 83 called Scenario. They apply very easily. It has a light perfume scent to it. What I love about this product is the packaging. So sheek! It's small, compact and lightweight. Love the Chanel logo on the top.

I would wear this shade for a neutral look. It's like an everyday lipstick for me. I do want to get a more pigmented brown shade. It would go perfect for a dark goth look.
Without flash.
With flash.
As you can see it is not very pigmented and has a lot of gloss. It is very pricy but then again it is Chanel. I had to have it in my collection. Will give it a 4/5.
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