May 9, 2013

Lancome Hypnose Waterproof Mascara

Something that every girl needs to have is mascara!

Loncome has a range of mascaras. They have one for volume, curl, length, etc. Loncome Hypnose Waterproof Custom Volume Mascara I've heard is one of the top, best mascaras. A lot of Bloggers have raged about this product. That's how I actually when out and got this. I was looking for a good high-end waterproof mascara and this was on rage at the moment.

This product comes in two shades: black and brown. I got the black one. You could get the brown one for a more natural look. This ones waterproof, so there is no worry about it melting or coming off at any point of the day. It does last a long time without any smudges. No irritation. It comes with a thin wand and short, close bristles. Always wear two coats for better effect.

What I don't like about this product is that the mascara can be a little thick. So when you apply it, it kind of all clumps together and makes spidery eyelashes. I need to go over it with an eyelash comb to separate my lashes. Also, I feel like it doesn't give a lot of volume. I think this mascara works best for a day time long wear, natural look.

You could use a lash primer before for better results. Loncome does have a lash primer which I've heard is good.

I rate this product a 3/5. I don't know if I would purchase this again but it is a good product, worth the price.

Now, go bat those eyelashes! ;)

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