May 20, 2013

Moroccanoil Intense Hydrating Mask

I have been searching for this product everywhere! As I can't get my hands on Macadamia Natural Oil as yet, I thought i'd give this a try first. Moroccanoil offers luxury hair and body care products. They have different hair treatments according to the type of hair you have. There are three different types of hair mask, I got the Intense Hydrating hair mask as my hair is colored and very dry.

This product contains Argan Oil. Argan Oil is very good for your the hair, it acts like a conditioner. What this product does is it gets moisture back into your hair and nourishes it. It improves elasticity, texture and shine. You apply it just like how you put on a face mask. It works the same way. The instructions on the tub says that you should use this after you have towel-dried your hair. What I do is I shampoo my hair, towel-dry it and then add a small scoop of the mask on my hair and spread it out evenly. I use more on the ends of my hair then on my roots. I leave it on for about 10 minutes or more and then rinse it.

The product comes in a 250ml tub. It is easy to open and doesn't take a lot of space. It comes with a lid inside. The mask has a creamy texture and is very thick. It's like a small tub of gump! Haha! The smell from this mask is amazing! It has a sandalwood type, musky yet not so strong sweet smell to it; in shot it smells like a mens perfume. The sent stays on your hair even after you wash it. I can't stop smelling this product!

After I washed my hair and air dried it, I definitely saw a huge deference in my hair. It was moisturized, smooth, non-frizzy, voluminous and shinny. And of course it smelled great! My hair remained healthy looking and bouncy all day long. The effect was there until the next wash. I follow up with some Argan oil on the ends for more nourishment.

I think this product can be used by dry and damaged hair. There is another mask which does the same thing for people with thin hair, which is less intense. This is recommended to use twice a week for better results.

I for sure recommend this product. It is expensive but totally worth the price. A complete 5/5 for this one. Go Moroccanoil!

If you can get your hands on the Macadamia Natural Oil mask then let me know from where you got it and tell me how that worked out for you. Bye! :]

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