May 7, 2013

This past month

Hello Everybody!

The past one month has been the most relaxed one month in years I must say. Done with my Bachelors and now I am just jobless (pun on that). And surprisingly I haven't been shopping all that much. That's why I haven't blogged in a while. But I have started to be more healthy, well, at least trying to be. Haha!

I have stopped having any kind of cheesy food and aerated drinks. Hows that for a start eh? Fruit juices are in and bottles and bottles of water. As Mumbai does't have spring and it is pretty hot already, I need to keep myself well hydrated.

For the first time ever, I baked cookies! My friend and I made about 9 different types of cookies: cinnamon, ginger, coconut, lemon, choco-chip, peanut butter, oat meal, melting moments and butter cookies. It was so exciting! I thought it would be hard but it was very easy. All of them came out just right and were so yummy! =P

I also went to a water park with my friends and I got terribly tanned. I'm not a big fan of getting tanned as I already have a tan skin tone. If you guys know any way of getting rid of your tan, lemme know!

Thats about it for April. Nothing all that exciting.

Tell me how your April went.

Bye! :*

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