June 28, 2013

Mac Hug Me

 If you know, I have been slowly collecting Mac lipsticks. And for my dark skin tone, it is really hard to find a perfect nude shade of lipstick. Sometimes the nude is too light or it's too pigmented, and it just doesn't look good on me.

'Hug Me' is perfect for my skin tone. It's a Luster finish so it has a little gloss and it's not too pigmented. It is a pinky-biege brown almost like Mac 'Spirit' but with more gloss.
 You can hardly see the swatch on my skin. It is not very pigmented. The nude almost matches my skin tone. You can see it only because of the gloss.
As I told you, both the lipsticks look almost the same. Just that 'Spirit' is a Satin finish and 'Hug Me' is a Luster.

The product doesn't dry my lips at all. It last for about 3-4 hours. You post probably will have to reapply it later. As all Mac lipsticks, it has a light chocolate kind of smell. This is perfect for a everyday lipstick. :)


Lee-Anne Weise said...

I have been having the same problem finding a natural looking nude lipstick.
I live in hope that I will eventually find the perfect shade

Sneha Prasad said...

@Lee-Anne Weise Dont worry.. Just keep looking, try on and see how they look and feel... you'll find it! :)

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