February 2, 2012

The Myth of Shaving.

Don't like overgrown eyebrows? Don't like hair on your hands and legs?
Just shave!!

Women all over, here's a little information for you!
It's not that only men can shave, women can too.
The whole myth about your hair growing thicker when you shave, is false!
It's similar to how a tree grows. The bark starts out thick and becomes thiner as it grows outwards.
So if you cut a tree down, you then have a tree stump.
And thats exactly how the hair is!
By shaving/cutting you are just making a blunt edge. So it appears that your hair has grown thicker!
You are actually cutting of the finer point, which makes the hair look finer and thiner.
There's no possible way that when the hair grows back out from the root, by cutting it, the follicle itself will become thicker.

And so the myth is busted!
You can now stay hair free by simply shaving!

PS - Did you know, your hair and nails are made up of the same (keratin). And that mens nails/hair grow faster than women.

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