September 19, 2013

Real Techniques Core Collection Brushes

OMG! These brushes are the best! Got these from London. We don't get them here in India. You could find an online store which ships to India though. Real Techniques Brushes are made by a YouTube Beauty Guru, Samantha Chapman AKA Pixiwoo.

This is the Core Collection set by Real Techniques Brushes. It comes in a foldable case with four face brushes. The case says what each brush does, so I don't really have to explain anything. The brushes are light weight with a steel handle and a rubber end. The bristles are super soft and dense. My favorite is the buffing brush. It is amazing on the face and blends the foundation really well. These brushes are synthetic haired so they would pick up more product than a natural haired brush would. I feel like these are way better than Mac brushes even. None of hair on the bristles have come out. My Mac powder brush is having hair fall like a dog! So disappointed!

If you live in the US or UK, good for you because you can find this in any drugstore like Ulta or Boots. They are cheep and very good quality brushes. Real Techniques also makes a variety of brushes. Go get yours now! 5/5.

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