September 6, 2013

Mac Pro Longwear Paint Pot

Paint pots! No, not one of those artistic drawing paints. These paint pots are eyeshadow bases. They act as a primer as well as a eyeshadow. You can apply it on its own or you can go over it with eyeshadow. Mac came up with a bunch of fun shades. They also come in limited edition collections every now and then.

'Dangerous Cuvee' is a part of a collection and its limited edition. So hurry and get the limited edition ones asap before they get over and hopefully this shade will come out again in another collection.

Paint pots in general, come in this glass pot. These pots are a little bigger than the Fluidline eyeliner pots. The paints are creamy in texture and well pigmented. Some of them with shimmer and some matte. The shade that I got had a little shimmer to it. Its a light lavender color with some silver glitter particles. I felt that they could have made the glitter particles smaller and mixed into the color more. Then again it's a very pretty shade. These last all day and not crease. I use this as a base and then go over it with eyeshadow. The shimmer peeks through the shadow and gives vibrance.
Without flash.
With flash.
As always, it is expensive. You could try other brands for similar shades if Mac isn't in your budget. Maybelline has something called Color Tattoo which are exactly like paint pots and they are much cheaper. 3/5.

Let me know what you think about them and how you use it on your eyes. :)

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