July 11, 2013

Chanel Scenario

 Chanel lipsticks, do I need to say more? I think every girl must own at least one Chanel lipstick. And I feel like it is a collectors item. Chanels' red lipstick is a well known fashion girls must have but I went for a brown lipstick. A lot of people think a brown lipstick might make them look old but I feel like it doesn't.

The Rouge Coco Shine collection is not too pigmented and they add a natural looking sheen to your lips. They have quite a few shades and they are very hydrating. I picked this brown lipstick with a red undertone. It's the shade 83 called Scenario. They apply very easily. It has a light perfume scent to it. What I love about this product is the packaging. So sheek! It's small, compact and lightweight. Love the Chanel logo on the top.

I would wear this shade for a neutral look. It's like an everyday lipstick for me. I do want to get a more pigmented brown shade. It would go perfect for a dark goth look.
Without flash.
With flash.
As you can see it is not very pigmented and has a lot of gloss. It is very pricy but then again it is Chanel. I had to have it in my collection. Will give it a 4/5.

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