July 7, 2013

Chennai time!!

Where have I been this whole week?
Chennai baby!!

Got super bored in Mumbai so went to Chennai for a week. Why Chennai? Because I love the food there!! South Indian Non-Veg food is the best food I've ever had. Yummaayy!!!  My hotel room was lovely. The hotel had a rooftop swimming pool and spa which overlooked the city. I spent my week by going to sightseeing spots and enjoying South Indian food. And of course I shopped! :D I regret not taking my DSLR, I could have clicked some really nice pictures.

Chennai has changed a lot in the couple of years. The last time I went there, they weren't that many malls and brands around. This time there were some new malls and a lot of brands. That is so good! The airport has also changed. It's completely redesigned. It is almost like the Mumbai airport. The Metro is still on work. I think once that's done, Chennai will be a lot better. Compared to Mumbai roads, Chennai roads are so clean! Traffic is just the same though. One thing you will not like about Chennai is its heat. It is really hot. It's always very hot. I think the worst time to go there is between March-May. The heat will literally kill you. But I really enjoyed this trip. :)

Oh and if you ever go to Chennai, you have to try Chettinad food. That's the whole reason why I went to Chennai in the first place. Haha!

If you follow me on Instagram you would have seen some of these pictures already. Here are some pictures I clicked from my Android.

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