August 8, 2011

Lights.. camera.. action!

Hello everyone!
I'm sorry for not being active last week. Been caught up with college assignments and things. This month is really packed with college work. My mind has been working day and night. Will try and be active now on.

Other than fashion, I've always had an interest for film making. I love editing, directing and cinematography. I also did a course in editing this summer. I recently had my Cinema project, where we had to make a one minute video montage. We formed a group of three and shot the video. The video is very simple and short. Take a look.

There are other videos I've made too. One is a shot film in Hindi and the other is a Music video.

For all those who can understand Hindi, how do you like it? Good? A little funny? No.. Yes.. Maybe?


Sorry for the bad quality. Files had to be converted as they were large. I have made other videos also, you can take a look at My YouTube Channel. Do comment, let me know what you think.

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