April 19, 2013

Aleo Vera Gel

First of all, I haven't been blogged in a while because my final uni exams are going on and I have been busy with that.
But once my holidays start I'll be blogging every week.. Yay!! ^_^

So as you all might know, Aleo Vera has many soothing properties. It's an ingredient in many products like foundation, BB creams, moisturizer, and many more. It also has healing properties. It can heal acne, sunburn or any irritation. 

For people who have oily or combination skin, gel consistency will be suitable. As gel is not greasy or creamy. It is also very cooling.

The Fruit of the Earth Aleo Vera Gel is 100% alcohol free with added extracts of vitamin E. This gel is fragrant free and has no colorant. It is good for dry, sensitive and acne prone skin. What this product does is it reduces redness or any irritation. It might seem thick and sticky at first but it absorbs into your skin in seconds and leaves your skin feeling hydrated and smooth. It can be used to set your eyebrows or even a hair gel. Or as an after shave to bring back some moisture into you skin. It also works as a make-up corrector. It has no oil so it wont leave back any residue.

This product comes in different sizes in a tube or in a bottle form.

I use The Fruit of the Earth Alero Vera GeI in my night time skin care routine as a face moisturizer. It really hydrates my skin and brings back moisture. Continues use will defiantly bring changes to you skin. I rate this product a 4/5.

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