May 13, 2013

Mac Studio Fix Fluid

I recently purchased the Studio Fix Fluid foundation from Mac. It's my first liquid foundation in a long while. I went through a lot of YouTube reviews and hear what the beauty gurus have to say. I looked at alternatives and finally decided to get this product. This is one of the most raved about foundation out of all the other Mac foundations and it certainly does live up to it!

I went into the Mac store and asked the make up artist to help me out with the Studio Fix Fluid. One thing you should remember is that it is important to get the right shade for your skin tone. It is always better to go to the store, look at the product see the actual color, texture, etc, try it on yourself and then decide if you want to buy it. You don't want your face to be a different shade from your body. And also when you are changing from a powder foundation to a liquid foundation, the shade might differ. I have the Studio Fix Powder in the shade NC45. The artist tried three different shades on my face. NC44.5 was the perfect match to my skin tone.

Studio Fix Fluid comes in a 30ml glass bottle. It has a ceramic lid. The opening is pretty wide and easy to pour. The foundation has a thick but liquid consistency. At first when the artist was applying it on me I thought it might be the brush or the make up remover which had an odd smell, but it was actually the foundation. It kind of smells like Dettol. It has a very medical-chemically smell to it. This might irritate you at first but you'll get used to it. The smell doesn't stay on for a long time so that's one good thing. This foundation gives you a medium to build-able coverage and it has SPF15. I say it's almost matte but it does have a tiny bit dewy finish to it. If this could work on my combination skin than it could work on any skin!

I really wish this product came with a pump for easier use. It can get a little messy pouring out the foundation, you might just pour a little too much and waste it. But Mac does sell a pump separately. The pump comes in a small packet, you just have to take the lid off and screw in the pump on the bottle. The pump comes with a small lid to protect the opening. You could keep it or trow away the lid. I prefer to keep the lid on for hygiene and safety.

So all in all, I say this product is absolutely amazing! It is just like your skin. I give it a 4/5, minus one for not having a pump.

PS - I just read on the site that shade 44.5 is limited edition. :(


Cenam Tin said...

sneha, MAC doesnt suit everybody and this foundation breaks out some ppl very badly, I'm glad it suits you

COOL and CHIC said...

Have this product too at home and it's really great.
There is one more great make up foundation, the one from Bobbi Brown.
I really love it! it's so smooth and it looks very naturally.

Sneha Prasad said...

Yeah.. Thats what i've heard Cenam Tin.. Im glad it suits me too. :)

Sneha Prasad said...

Thank you Cool and Chic! :)

Dayle said...

Just a suggestion, you should include proces in your reviews. It makes a difference if someone is planning on buying it :)

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